Formerly the development arm of TellAsia Ministries


WIN (We Ignite Nations) is a newly formed organization that is assuming the children’s projects and community development work of TellAsia Ministries. TellAsia (dba Win Life) will continue its primary focus on training and resourcing of Christian leaders.

WIN leverages past experience and proven strategies with fresh vision and revelation to achieve multiplied global impact.

WIN is a Christian organization. Christ’s love for the world motivates us to love and serve all people, regardless of race, religion or gender, in the same way He loved and served – selflessly and unconditionally. WIN ignites sustainable impact by empowering people to come together to change their community. We believe that each human being is a precious image-bearer of God, created for four distinct purposes:

Mission & Vision

  • 1. To love God and to love each other
  • 2. To steward and protect the earth, promoting freedom and peace
  • 3. To use our powerful minds to create culture, technology and business, using these creations to promote peace and human progress.
  • 4. To enjoy freedom – freedom from discrimination, freedom to earn a livelihood, and freedom to make their own choices.

LIFE in all its fullness is WIN’s goal for all people wherever we serve. Everyone should have the chance to win the game of life.

Our work initiates positive change that self-propels and self-replicates.

Because “we ignite”, our sustainable initiatives “ignite” transformation from the inside-out. We catalyze people movements that generate lasting improvement in society.

Our work is based upon the timeless and proven principles found in the Bible. We hold that the basis of peace, prosperity and purpose for any person, family, community and nation are found in the law book of the One who made us, the constitution written by the One who governs the whole universe. Contained in the Bible are keys to human thriving.


Faith, Hope, Love, Freedom, Honesty, Work, Generosity, Humility and Peace.

What We Do

We Ignite Nations (WIN) empowers communities into their dreams of economic stability, equality, health and wholeness. WIN enables transformation from lack to plenty, from hopelessness to hope, from fear to faith, from dependency to sustainability and ultimately, from powerlessness to powerful agents of multiplied whole-person prosperity.

How We Do It

WIN accomplishes this through sustainable and/or holistic interventions including social justice initiatives, village development projects, education for underprivileged children, business incubators and vocational training.

Examples of the Win Difference

  • We don't just feed children; WIN empowers parents to earn enough to nourish their children themselves.
  • We don’t just help the poor; WIN equips them with a skill so they are no longer poor.
  • We don’t just minister to girls in the red light area; WIN trains police forces, mobilizes raids, arrests pimps and liberates girls into a normal, healthy lifestyle.
  • We don’t just intercept trafficking victims at borders and send them back to their villages; WIN goes to the villages and trains parents and children how to stop traffickers, thus ending trafficking in entire communities and regions.
  • We don’t just provide after-school programs for underprivileged kids; WIN establishes affordable schools so that underprivileged kid can get a good education.


Hope Amidst Hardship

”VIDEO: WIN is deeply grateful to all of you who continue to support the work in Asia and beyond. WE NEED YOU because the people in regions of the world having less than we do, need us. Enjoy this brief video update......“

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Empowering children and families for over 21 years.


WIN’s legacy goes back to 1993 through our founding organization, TellAsia Ministries.

In 1993 TellAsia’s founder Leanna (see Leanna’s story below) an aspiring equestrian, received a chilling dream three nights in a row. In the dream she saw South Asia in bitter slavery, shackled with huge chains and enslaved to cruel task masters - poverty, human trafficking, superstition and illiteracy. The revelation was so vivid and compelling that within three days she set in motion the sale of her equestrian facility and prepared to set out for the focal point of the darkness - northern India.

While living directly with Indian families in the small towns, participating in their austere lives of suffering and sickness, Leanna understood the way to significant impact was to empower the native people themselves to bring hope and healing to their own people. Finding no organization which was doing specifically what she envisioned, with the help of her mom Kathy back home in the US, TellAsia Ministries was founded.

The efficient and effective strategies that TellAsia employed resulted in significant success in a region of the world considered one of the most dark and difficult. Northern India was known as “the graveyard of missions” and “Asia’s poisonous hub of sex trafficking.” An estimated 30 million children were without proper nutrition and faced abuse and slavery. Through the laid-down lives of our faithful native leaders whom Leanna mentored and empowered, we began to reach out to the most destitute and oppressed.

Our initial projects involved Biblical training for native leaders. When these leaders returned to their villages and put into practice what they had learned, people who had been terminally ill were healed and others who had been tormented by demons were liberated. In village after village, people were set free from practices and superstitions which had rendered them miserable and impoverished. They received a new life of hope, peace and joy.

Then Leanna received another word of revelation: “The most Christ-like act a person can do in this life is give a bright future to a child who has no hope.” From that time TellAsia initiated our Blue Haven Children’s Home, founded three schools and tuition centers for children who had no access to a good education. Our educational programs have now enabled over 20,000 of the most at-risk kids to have a basic education and a much brighter future.

Our History

Many other projects which are ongoing include feeding centers for malnourished children, educational support so that children can attend school, and micro-finance projects empowering women and families to come out of poverty.

Vocational and skills training for youth is one of our most high-impact projects. Youth and young adults who had no opportunity to obtain a good education are doomed to a life of poverty unless they have the opportunity to learn a skill. But the skills institutes are extremely expensive and unaffordable to these youth. So over the years we have provided scholarships to hundreds of youth, and in the past five years have developed our own skills training institutes. Our most exciting and recent project is a computer skills institute which attained 80% sustainability in its first year. In 2019 our students won first and second prize in a regional computer knowledge competition.

Anti-trafficking has also been a point of significant success in our history. In 2012 TellAsia began researching how to address the human trafficking problem in our main base city in iNdia, a community of 3.5 million population. After training the police force and facilitating successful brothel raids and rescuing the girls into our safe homes, the police force honored our team for helping them solve the hitherto unyielding sex trafficking problem of the city. Now we carry on our anti-trafficking work through production and showings of movies which re-enact the tragedy of child trafficking, and through a traveling drama team which teaches whole villages how to keep their kids safe from traffickers.

Now, we have expanded! TellAsia Ministries (DBA Win Life) continues a highly fruitful work of bringing Christ to unreached regions through training of native leaders, Bible distribution and aid of persecuted Christians. TellAsia’s children’s education, anti-trafficking, community development and vocational training work continues under WIN (We Ignite Nations). WIN leverages proven strategies with fresh vision to achieve multiplied global impact. WIN believes that poverty, illiteracy and oppression are trespassers in Planet Earth. To the extent that communities align themselves with Jubilee - the Principles of Freedom - those communities will “win” at life! They will experience transformation from hopelessness to hope, from darkness to light and from turmoil to peace.

Combined initiatives reaching whole communities


Because “nations” are our target, our work features combined initiatives that impact whole communities or whole sectors. While individuals are always the direct recipients and beneficiaries, because our vision is bigger than the one or the few, large numbers of people will be assisted. Examples include the 2020 Network which is impacting an entire state of India (upwards of 200 million in population), community development projects that are transforming entire villages (Nepal, Vnsi), and more recently the AHT initiative which is projected to significantly reduce child trafficking in two nations: North India and Nepal.

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