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WIN operates through native leaders who around the world have five to twenty year proven track records of faithful and self-sacrificing service. Our network includes 30,000 field practitioners, social workers and leaders in Asia and other nations, who serve over a million people annually. We’re committed to cultivating unity, collaboration and networking for maximum impact. Nations in which WIN currently has projects include India, Nepal, Cambodia, Bhutan, Peru, Uganda and Mali.

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Our Native Leaders

Shivpal Sharma (David)
Community Development & Social Justice Media Director, India

Native to the most economically challenged region of India, Shivpal leads a high-returns movement to end child abuse, promote family values, and promote development of rural areas. Known for targeting the most backward regions and empowering the poorest of the poor, Shivpal and his team are establishing a legacy of bringing life and hope into hopeless situations.

Shivpal has developed self-sustaining vocational training institutes, a self-supporting school, and a drama team which goes village to village teaching against alcoholism, domestic abuse, child labor, child marriage and human trafficking. He produced a movie which has trained thousands of parents how to spot traffickers. Shivpal and his team are dedicated to training of new leaders and to networking with a broad range of groups. Through their work, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and diverse social groups are working together to bring transformation, economic stability and education to India and beyond.

Alok & Ricky Srivastava
ALOK - Social Justice & Leadership Training Director, India

Alok hails from three generations of educators, his grandfather having established the first high school in his rural area. Alok carried on this heritage by founding two high quality English medium schools which serve the poor yet are fully self-sustaining. His community voted him into public office where he served four years as “Pradhan” of twelve villages. Learn more about Blue Haven School at

In Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 200 million population, Alok and his dynamic team catalyzed an anti-trafficking initiative that mobilized the police force, raided and closed brothels, and rescued victims. Today a safe home continues to provide victims a new start in life while new initiatives are underway to stop trafficking in urban sectors. Alok and his team are dedicated to training of new leaders and to networking with a broad range of groups. Through their work, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and diverse social groups are working together to bring transformation, economic stability and education to India and beyond.

RICKY - Blue Haven School & Children’s Home Director

Herself raised in a children’s home, Ricky had a vision to serve other needy kids. Along with her own two children, Ricky is nurturing 33 children rescued from high-risk situations. Since 2016 Ricky has also been founder and Manager of top quality English medium Blue Haven School. Learn more about Blue Haven School at

Amar Bista

From a childhood of dodging grenades and seeing his grandfather murdered during Nepal’s civil war, Amar went on to serve his country as a freedom fighter, philanthropist and a professional soccer player all before age 26. When in 2015 WIN needed someone to deliver aid to earthquake victims, Amar braved treacherous mountain roads and delivered life-saving supplies to communities whom no other aid had reached. When 33 children were tragically trafficked for sex slavery and organ harvesting, Amar risked his life and went to their rescue. He faced off with the trafficker, got custody of the children, and returned them safely to their parents, where WIN now sponsors their education. Now he and his team are expanding to provide water systems, trafficking awareness, and leadership training throughout the nation of Nepal.

Amar is loved and honored by all who love justice, and is feared by those who promote corruption and discrimination. He stands as a shining example of what a difference one man can make who is willing to take stand against long-entrenched national problems by demonstrating a life of radical honesty, self-sacrifice and equal honor for all human beings.

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Dr. Leanna Cinquanta is a philanthropist, motivational speaker, business woman, equestrian and the founder of two organizations, WIN and WIN Life, based in Colorado, USA.

Leanna remembers her father looking into her face and saying, "You can do anything you want to if you want to do it bad enough!" Her life is a testimony of this truth. Her father taught her to fly a plane when she was nine years old and her mom Kathy home-schooled her until high school. By age fourteen she had helped her parents design and build four homes. By sixteen, with a handicapped horse and very little instruction, she became the youngest rider in her region to win a national equestrian championship.

At age fifteen Leanna had a personal experience with Jesus and became a committed follower of Christ. In 1996 she went to northern India and began living directly with the native people in the small towns and villages. She subjected herself to the rigors of a developing nation including drinking putrid water from village wells and surviving on rice and lentils. Seeing her love and willingness to live like one of them, the native people gave her the name “Jyoti” saying “you brought light and hope into our difficult lives.” In 1997 Leanna founded TellAsia Ministries to share the love of Christ and to provide education and a brighter future to needy children. Today, 22 years later, that work has resulted in hundreds of thousands of lives transformed. The story is now a book titled Treasures in Dark Places.

With the founding of WIN in 2019, Leanna is following the heart of God to ignite hope, healing, and transformation across entire communities and nations.

Board, Advisory & Team Members


    Dr. Leanna Cinquanta is a business woman, equestrian, philanthropist, educator, international motivational speaker and the founder of WIN, based in Colorado.

  • BARRY HOWARD - Treasurer
    Barry Howard is the chief financial and administrative officer (CFAO) at New America. Previously he served as CFO/SVP of finance, administration, and human resources at World Relief. Barry has walked with TellAsia from the time of our beginnings in 1999. Barry’s experience in leading the financial department of large nonprofits provides an invaluable source of both guidance and accountability.

  • BARBARA FOX - Secretary
    Barbara’s is the retired Manager of Continuous Development for Fortune 100 Companies. Her lifetime in the corporate world brings to WIN a wealth of experience in development and management. Barbara is an incredible strategist and communicator in regard to organizational growth and steering.


  • Leanna Cinquanta - President
  • Laurie Sellden - Office Manager
  • Linda Solarek - Finance Manager
  • Jalen Kohn - Development Coordinator
  • Barbara Fox - VP of Marketing
  • Elaine Stattman - Administrative Assistant

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