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Cutting off human trafficking at the root.

trained in 2019
to prevent trafficking

Modern slavery is one of the most horrific and dehumanizing crimes taking place today.

But it can be stopped with the right kind of intervention. WIN is committed to cutting off child slavery and trafficking through rescue, awareness and prevention. We utilize the arts, media, law enforcement training, brothel raids, rescue, rehabilitation, and citywide workshops.

Our targeted outcome in our primary focus areas - North India and Nepal - is to reduce child trafficking and child slavery by 90% in the next 5 years in the worst-affected communities. Towns and areas in which children lived in fear of abduction or exploitation will become safe, happy havens for children to grow into educated adults. A reproducible model will be established for ending child trafficking and slavery in other communities.

Preventing children from ever undergoing the horrors of human trafficking

Prevention is far better than waiting until after children have been abused. Drama is an excellent way to communicate a powerful message into the hearts of simple rural parents and their children. WIN’s drama team travels village to village warning how traffickers trick villagers with the pretext of marrying their daughters to rich, unknown individuals in big cities. Such “marriages” are only a trap. These “brides” find themselves in brothels. The drama team also teaches against other moral evils such as alcoholism and domestic abuse.

In 2019 we “inoculated” over 800 villages and 120,000 people against trafficking.

Some specific interventions underway include:

  • Awareness training for law enforcement in key cities.
  • Our film “Come to the Light,” depicting a child trafficking incident and the horrors suffered by both the child and the parents, used to educate parents on how to keep their kids safe.
  • Anti-trafficking drama team travels from village to village, gathering crowds and teaching the dangers of human trafficking as well as other social evils such as alcoholism and domestic abuse.
  • Mass publication of our “RED FLAGS” flier posted prominently, helping people to remember how to identify traffickers and stop trafficking.
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