Mugu Water System Repair

Win Stove Project in the Himalayas

Cook Stove for remote Himalayan Family

Karnali House Hotel, Kathmandu a project of WIN We Ignite Nations

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Leanna's Travelog

Join Leanna on her exciting travels visiting WIN projects in the Himalayas.

TRAVELOG 7: Surkhet Water Project Transformation

TRAVELOG 6: Pony Riding at Rara Lake Mugu

TRAVELOG 5: Water Project Under Construction in Mugu - Part 2

TRAVELOG 4: Water Project Under Construction in Mugu - Part 1

TRAVELOG 3: A Village by the River

TRAVELOG 2: A Town Deep in the Himalayas

TRAVELOG 1: Arriving in a Remote Himalayan Town

Older videos reflect our history as Tell Asia Ministries.

Treasures in Dark Places

Rekha - Rescued from Trafficking

End Child Slavery and Trafficking in India-Nepal

Child Slaves Anti-Trafficking Segment

Trafficked Children RESCUED!

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