Christ's redeeming presence



Three of the “big five” factors that contribute to poverty are apathy, dependency, and dishonesty. 


That’s why WIN begins with Ekklesia - the local church equipping communities with the WIN FOUNDATION - a strong identity and life-giving Biblical values. These foundations allow all, regardless of faith or creed, to move from dependency to sufficiency, from apathy to incentive, and from dishonesty to trustworthiness. The result is a real transformation that lasts and multiplies!



When people who once viewed themselves as powerless discover they are the precious children of a loving Father God who made all humans equal, every part of who they are and how they live is affected. They are no longer hopeless but hopeful, no longer victims but visionaries ready to build a better future.

Jesus came that human beings may have “life, and life more abundantly.”

-JOHN 10:10


Real Impact

Ram’s family was malnourished, abused, and miserable due to alcoholism and poor stewardship. Through WIN’s Bible-based training Ram has stopped drinking and the family is prospering and happy.



WIN’s Bible-based discipleship training has impacted 30,389 communities.

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