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Empowering future generations.

Educated in 2019
in schools, institutes and tuition centers

Education is the most essential key to an individual person enjoying a life of sufficiency free from slavery.

It is also key to the next generation carrying their nation into a more developed and prosperous future. However millions of children have no access to a good education. In rural areas where schools receive little oversight, teachers often don’t even attend class, or else they mistreat and abuse the children.

Therefore helping children to receive a basic and quality education is one of WIN’s primary interventions. WIN has so far provided education to over 12,280 children who were at extreme risk of slavery and exploitation.

We bring education to needy kids and youth in multiple ways, including:

  • Self-sustaining Primary Schools
  • Tuition Centers
  • Children’s Homes
  • Education support enabling kids in low income families to attend school
  • Vocational skills training for underprivileged youth and young adults
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Help children to receive a basic and quality education.