10,000,000 Impacted

through our development, educational, and anti-trafficking efforts.

We are celebrating 20+ years of transforming lives in the most needy areas of the world.

Winning at Life

We Bring Freedom!

Our basis of operation can be summarized in one word: Jubilee. Jubilee means freedom - freedom from oppression and poverty, freedom from fear and superstition, freedom to obtain an education and to prosper in life.

It means good news to the poor, release to captives, healing to the hurting and liberation of those imprisoned. Iron bars are a prison, but so are poverty, illiteracy and discrimination. (Isaiah 61:1, 2)

As members of a community align with the principles of the Bible, they will WIN at life.

Equality, honor, mutual respect and teamwork will arise resulting in that community prospering and the shackles of poverty, oppression and fear will fall away. We've been proving these methods for two decades in some of the most hostile regions of the world.


sustainable transformation

Our Model is centered around three primary strategies:


The native people of the land are the key.
Empower them, and they will transform their own society.


Target entire communities.
This enables them to rise up into an improved future.


Ignite Sustainability.
Liberate the poor from dependency into economic freedom

WIN is also serving those worst affected by the Covid-19 shutdown.

Sponsor Covid-19 relief


Christ's redeeming presence and Biblical values.

30,389WIN's Bible-based discipleship training has impacted 30,389 communities.

We bring the message of Christ's redeeming love to the nations…

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Transforming entire communities from hopelessness to joy.

5,500benefited in 2019
by a well or micro-business

We identify communities that are are suffering from extreme poverty, illiteracy, and more…

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Empowering future generations.

Educated in 2019
in schools, institutes and tuition centers

We bring education to needy kids and youth in multiple ways…

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Cutting off human trafficking at the root.

37,500trained in 2019
to prevent trafficking

We fight child slavery and trafficking through our rescue, awareness and prevention efforts.

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You Can Win Too

Join the WIN team!
Together we can ignite nations.