November 11, 2022 by Leanna

Tears streamed down the teenagers’ cheeks as they encountered the living Christ in a more profound way. Leanna dramatized a teaching on forgiveness by putting chains around a volunteer, showing how unforgiveness enslaves and hurts us. Then she invited Aeriel, a college graduate from San Diego traveling with Leanna, to remove the chains signifying how the Lord sets us free when we forgive. After Aeriel’s personal testimony and further teaching from the Word, Leanna invited the sea of teenagers to prayerfully let the Lord show them if they needed to forgive someone, then led them in a healing, liberating act of laying at Jesus’ feet the burden of bitterness. What followed was an incredible move of the Holy Spirit, transforming young people’s lives and liberating hearts.

In another session, Leanna taught, “Why does nearly every movie revolve around sacrificial love and the victory of good over evil? Because God created human beings for a relationship with their Creator, but sin separated us from Him. So in the deepest part of every human heart is a longing for love which lays down its life for us and for that ultimate triumph of good over evil. We long for the Cross and the Resurrection, by which the orphaned human spirit is reunited with the Holy One in a joyous relationship.”

Leanna continues to travel and minister in south Asia. Thank you for your prayers as she scouts possible WIN projects, ministers in conferences, and encourages native leaders. Please contact Patsy at [email protected] to find out more!

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