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World-Wide Statistics
Nearly half of the world's population live on less than $2.50 a day.

WIN has transformed 1,391,508lives through development projects, micro finance and skills training.

1 in 10 children are forced into child labor.

WIN has prevented 1,007,500 children from being trafficked or enslaved.

1 in 5 children do not attend school

WIN has provided 107,737 children with an education.


33 Trafficked Children Rescued

“I live in a remote village high in the Himalaya mountains. One day a man came to our hut and told my parents, “I’ll send your child to a good school.” No one had taught them about the dangers of child trafficking, so my parents believed him. Along with many other children from my village, I was taken many days journey through my native Nepal and across the border into India. There, I was forced to live in a tiny, dark room and sleep in one bed with six other children. We were given barely enough food to survive.

One day a tall young man came. He argued with the trafficker for a long time, and then he took us all away from that place. First I was frightened, but then I realized he was taking me home! I was so happy. He fed us a good meal and then took us all back to our parents. We were so thankful to go home!”

Just in the nick of time WIN.Global caught wind of 33 beautiful Nepali children being trafficked into India. The trafficker had lurid intentions for the children; the girls would be sold for commercial sex exploitation, and the boys would be sold to have their organs harvested!

But ONE decision by ONE man saved their lives! Amar, WIN’s native coordinator of Nepal, heroically risked his life and rescued them. Now all the children are back home with their parents, and WIN has taught the parents what to watch out for so the children should never again be in danger. Moreover, WIN is also supporting the education of the children, so they can grow up with a bright future.

Learn more about WIN’s work to end child slavery and child trafficking.

The WIN Model

WIN empowers communities into their dreams of economic stability, equality, health and wholeness. WIN enables transformation from lack to plenty, from hopelessness to hope, from fear to faith, from dependency to sustainability.


Christ's redeeming presence


Creating sustainable solutions.


Empowering future generations.


Cutting off human trafficking at the root.

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High Fives

We Can Be Heroes

“Through TellAsia*, even the least likely person can change the world. *(as of February 2020, TellAsia birthed WIN in order to continue and expand our community development and children's projects) ”

Wesley Campbell Be a Hero Kelowna, BC, Canada