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TRAVELOG 7: Surkhet Water Project Transformation

VICTORY over global problems
Nearly half of the world's population live on less than $2.50 a day.


WIN has transformed 1,391,508 lives through development projects, micro finance and skills training.

1 in 10 children are forced into child labor.


WIN has prevented 1,007,500 children from being trafficked or enslaved.

1 in 5 children do not attend school


WIN has provided 107,737 children with an education.


Water and the water of life

This past November and December, Leanna was in Nepal visiting WIN projects and scouting a new water project that WIN will be building in 2024. She, Amar, and our videographer stayed several days with the family of our native pastor of that village up a very remote mountain that, until recently, didn't even have a road. Working through our native leaders, we will tap into five mountain springs to supply ample drinking and irrigation water to the village. The water will enable them to grow their crops, including apple trees, virtually ending poverty in the community.

WIN Life's Transformation Network year-end church planting conferences for three nations, India, Nepal, and Bhutan, were a fantastic time of reconnecting, equipping, and encouraging hundreds of our native leaders.

After this, Leanna went to Taiwan and taught for two churches on two ends of the small country. Our native leader, Pinsu from India,...

The WIN Model

WIN empowers communities into their dreams of economic stability, equality, health and wholeness. WIN enables transformation from lack to plenty, from hopelessness to hope, from fear to faith, from dependency to sustainability.


Christ's redeeming presence


Creating sustainable solutions.


Empowering future generations.


Cutting off human trafficking at the root.

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90% of every contribution goes directly to carry out the projects in the field. Partner with us to bring hope, freedom, education and empowerment to those most vulnerable and at-risk. As a monthly partner, you'll make a sustainable impact on nations all over the world.

High Fives

Incarnational Transformation

“I have visited WIN's work three times over the years. I participated firsthand in the holistic ministries to children, women and the marginalized. Their aim is to see lives and communities transformed. I am beyond impressed with this incarnational model that is serving the most underprivileged in the world.”

Pastor John Kuo Wu-Chang Conservative Baptist Church Taiwan