Sampurn Computer Institute

Ending Systemic Poverty

Sampurn Computer Institute is a one-of-a-kind initiative, providing affordable education to underprivileged youth in rural areas. These youth cannot afford the urban computer institutes and would have had no choice but to purpetrate their parent's systemic poverty. But through the Institute, WIN is equipping them to earn a solid middle-class income. 

We are deeply grateful to the couple who sponsored the initial setup and operational expenses for this institute.  As of December 2019 the institute had achieved 80% self-sustainability.

Despite Covid-19 shutdowns, the Institute managed to continue operating via online systems and in 2021 we are back up and operational in-person. 

The institute is running three batches from 1 pm to 7 pm every day.  94 students were enrolled in 2018, and by 2019 attendance had grown to 150. Generally students are of beginner level who have little competence in computers.  

The Institute has designed primarily two kinds of courses for students: 

Since the government has made CCC course mandatory for government jobs, therefore almost half of the students are enrolled into this course. Computer fundamentals, Hardware, Software, Networking, Accounts with Tally accounting software, and Typing are some of the courses which are taught in CCC level. Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications offers more specialized skills. 

The students are taught both theory and practical in the institute. Students are free to spend extra time learning and practicing what was taught in class whenever workstations are free and available.

Each month students are required to pass module tests and mock tests. A monthly progress report is sent to parents to show the student’s progress.

WIN is thus equipping and empowering rural youth with skills which are relevant in todays’ competitive world. 

Our experienced and talented faculty includes Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, expert in teaching accounting with Tally software and Mr. Anil Rajbhar, Head Instructor of the lab.

In latter 2019 our students won 1st and 2nd prizes in a regional computer skills competition.

Underpriveleged young people who never imagined they could become competent in computer knowledge and operation have discovered a whole new potential and future. They now look forward to a bright future after successfully completing their courses here and their parents too are very thankful for this opportunity to end poverty in the future generation.



Since the Covid-19 shutdowns, frequent power cuts have been very problematic. When the power goes off, the computers must be shut down. This interferes constantly with the training of the students. We must purchase a quiet generator so that classes can continue while the generator runs. Please consider sponsoring this need!

The cost of the generator is $3,000.


Please write “Generator” in the comments section. You'll receive updates as soon as the generator is purchased!