Formerly the development arm of TellAsia Ministries


Transforming entire communities from hopelessness to joy.

benefited in 2019
by a well or micro-business

WIN identifies communities which are suffering extreme poverty, illiteracy or other areas of lack, then empowers the local people to bring about radical, lasting improvements.

Interventions include adult education in financial stewardship and saving, health and hygiene training, literacy for children, social justice training and micro- and small-business startups. Our workers mentor and guide the villagers to bring about transformation of an entire rural community. Where necessary we seek funding to provide a water system for the community, solar lighting for homes without light, etc.

We achieve measurable outcomes within one year, 12

and a significant increase in overall standard of living often occurs within three years.

Factors we monitor to determine success of the project include:

  • Formation of healthy habits such as hand washing, cleanliness of personal and public spaces.
  • Availability of clean water for both drinking and irrigation
  • Availability of light - electric or solar
  • Reduction in alcoholism and domestic abuse
  • Reduction in child labor and increase in regular school attendance
  • Improved nutrition due to improved gardening and nutritional awareness
  • Improved financial status due to reduction of unnecessary money-drains and wise saving and investment
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