Machu Picchu 4Wheelin' Bible Track

January 11, 2020

What do a bulldozer, a 4-wheeler and Machu Picchu have in common? Not much...yet! WIN.Global is in the process of helping Americo and Mary create a triple adventure theme park to bring people together for exciting educational cultural purposes!

Visitors bound for Machu Picchu must land in the town of Cusco. Before or after experiencing the legendary Inca, what adventure can you find in Cusco? Not much right now. But five minutes from the airport is a mountain on which WIN is helping to build a 4-wheeler track! The business will triple as a Bible theme park, Peruvian cultural encounter, and organic farm. We need investors. Get on the #WINMachu Picchu team!

Twenty years ago in the attempt to control land-grabbing gangs, the government re-distributed to Pastor Americo and his family an entire mountain for the price of $200! They have now established a thriving church, an outreach to underprivileged children, and a strong network of native leaders in the city. Americo's big dream is to make something of the mountain and this dream is on its way to becoming a reality. WIN has helped Americo buy a bulldozer so he can create this 4-wheeling, Bible theme park, organic cultural encounter! Watch your head, CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY!

Americo and Mary

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