Access to clean water

Changes lives

Why the need for wells /hand pumps?

For many of us, access to clean water is simply a case of turning on a tap (faucet) or purchasing bottles at a local store but for many people in the world today life is not so straight-forward, with many denied access to safe drinking water through poverty, poor infrastructure or prejudice. These people are usually the most vulnerable and are made more so as they often have to walk long distances to collect water every day, sometimes several times each day, for their family's needs.

Our role

Our role is to provide the specialist equipment and expertise to work in collaboration with communities helping to facilitate the boring of wells to provide safe, clean water into the heart of the village where everyone can enjoy unhindered access to this necessity of life. The overall cost of boring a well is beyond many villages but communities collaborate in contributing some of the finance and/or practically whether assisting with the boring or providing food and accommodation to those boring the wells. Collaboration is an important aspect to each project as it empowers people and gives dignity. Once bored, the well is owned by the village who are shown how to maintain this valuable resource. While the majority of installations have been hand pumps, we have encountered different scenarios as our work has taken us further afield and we have also been involved in gravity feed systems channelling mountain springs and electric pumps for larger installations such as in schools.

Where we operate



Our first hand pump was installed in north India in 2008, since then, we have installed hundreds of hand pumps there but have also begun to branch out further afield in south Asia.


Donations in Development are allocated for Well drilling and water systems, solar lights, vocational and skills training institutes, micro finance and small business start-ups, community health and rural development initiatives including aids awareness and prevention.