Excellence in affordable education


In India, where nearly half the rural population subsists below the poverty line, education is the key to a brighter future. The central region of north India is home to 200 Million people (2/3 the population of the USA). Of these, 75 Million are children under age 15. Good quality schools which are also affordable to the middle- and lower classes, are scarce. 

This results in most children growing up without an opportunity to escape from poverty. They face a dismal future of exploitation. In this region of India tens of thousands of children are enslaved in child labor.


WIN’s three self-sustaining schools are providing affordable education at an international caliber to children in rural and suburban areas where there is no access to any other quality school. Our schools are Christ-centered and so children also learn the life-giving moral values and hope of Christ. 


In the remote village half an hour’s drive out of the small town of Sultanpur, children had no access at all to a good school. The government school in the area provided very poor quality of education, and only in the local language. However, to obtain a good job in India today, a young person needs to have some proficiency in English. Of still greater concern, the local school – like so many rural public schoosl in India – discriminated against the children from poor and “low caste” families. 

Traditionally oppressed, girl students at St. John's have equal opportunity to excel. 

St John’s opened in 2007 through the directorship of Alok, WIN’s founding leader in that region, and from the outset was managed  by his nephew Shivam. The school now serves an average of 600 students from K through 12th.   

As of 2021, St John’s needs some help to come through the Covid-19 shutdowns. You can help!  Learn more here or GIVE NOW (write “St Johns School” in the comments)


Educating to Excel

Blue Haven School was birthed out of a vison to provide top quality education while also generating revenue that will enable the rescue and nurture of orphaned, abandoned or at-risk girls.

After years of prayer, work and fundraising, WIN opened Blue Haven School in July 2016. Located in the suburbs of the rapidly expanding metropolitan city of Lucknow, Blue Haven is the only school in this area which offers students a top quality education, the opportunity to learn English, plus a Christian worldview and Biblical moral values. The school attained 100% self-sufficiency in 2018 (currently recovering from Covid mandatory shutdown in 2020). 

Ricky Srivastava, manager of Blue Haven School

The eventual income generated by the school will not only render it sustainable, but fund the rescue, nurture and education of orphaned and abandoned children.

Blue Haven is managed by Ricky and led by a core team of dedicated and well educated staff. We were up to around 200 students when Covid hit, closing all schools for almost two years. As of September 2021 we are opening again. 



Second level of Blue Haven School in process.

Construction of the second level (an additional 15,000 sq ft) is of urgent priority because: 

  1. As of the start of 2019 we were at max capacity. New incoming students plus our 6th Graders who are moving to 7th Grade, all need more classrooms! 
  2. The time has come to apply to the Indian government for the highest accreditation a school can obtain, ICSE Board. This accreditation requires us to have 20 classrooms plus science labs, meeting hall etc. Construction of the full second floor will fulfill these requirements. Only when we obtain the ICSE accreditation, will the school be securely established and on its way to long-term sustainability.

Help Blue Haven School finish building the second floor!

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World Changer was founded by Shivpal, WIN's India Director and leader of the eastern region. It began as an education center for which Compassion International sponsored the expenses. The school achieved the award for best Compassion-funded center in north India! However soon thereafter, Compassion withdrew from India and the funding ended.

Instead of closing the project, WIN raised startup capital and our native leaders worked sacrificially to transition the education center into a sustainable project, and World Changer Academy was birthed. As of 2019, the school was back up to 150 students. But now we no longer depended on foreign funding, but were fully self-sustaining! 


World Changer School needs to expand. We seek to purchase the adjoining land in order to add more classrooms and serve more students.