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Have you overcome obstacles in some area of your life? Have you experienced a meaningful victory over addiction, depression, illness, abuse, debt, tragedy or other life challenges? Then you’re a WINNER! But now let’s take that further… have you also taken that victory beyond yourself and helped someone else to win their battle? If so, then you’re a WIN-WINNER and we want to hear your WIN-WIN story! Your story will be reviewed and may be posted on our website to celebrate the core of win’s identity – helping others to win in sustainable ways that result in even more wins. Send Us Your Story »


Here’s a fun and meaningful reason to have your friends and neighbors over for an informal afternoon or evening! We’ll help you schedule this event around a time when Leanna is in your area. She will share the Win-Win Worldview strategy of bringing healing and transformation to communities. Her spine-tingling stories from around the world will thrill and inspire participants, who will receive strategies for how they too can be winners and help others to win… and how they can leave a lasting and transformational legacy. Schedule a Party »


Leanna teaches the Win-Win Worldview in churches, conferences and other gatherings. Invite Leanna to present the life-changing truths and practical keys that liberate people enslaved to debt, bring healing to sickness and instill hope, purpose and victory. Attend a Workshop »

Wincounter Trips

VENTURE TRIPS are especially for business persons and others looking to leave a legacy. Particiants will enjoy comfortable accommodation and travel while experiencing WIN’s projects and seeing regions where strategic, targeted intervention has the potential to sustainably transform entire communities. Venture Trip participants come with an interest in experiencing culture and wonders of the world such as Mt. Everest (from an airplane) and the Taj Mahal, but their trip has a very specific purpose: To experience opportunities to financially invest in sustainable ventures which will revolutionize lives. WIN Venture participants initiate a lasting and deep relational bond with the people they meet in the field, and receive regular updates on the projects they sponsor. Venture participants are welcomed to return after completion of their project to celebrate and inaugurate it! Schedule a Trip »

HANDS AND FEET TRIPS are for those desiring to serve and to personally assist in projects in the field. Participants should be prepared to do manual labor to serve and help the local people. Project examples: Helping build a road and a Bible theme park on a mountain in Peru with excursion to visit Machu Picchu; cleaning an Indian village and teaching health and hygiene, with excursion to visit other projects and to see the Taj Mahal and Hindu and Buddhist cultural locations. This trip can be tailored based on the skills of your group, so if your group has special skills, let us know and we’ll see where we can plug you in! Participants will likely get to stay with locals, hike, sleep in rural locations and basically “rough it” a little bit. Schedule a Trip »

WIN-WIN INTERNSHIPS are for those seeking college credit in the area of social work, micro-finance, community development or social justice. Participants will be assigned various focus-related tasks and jobs both in the developing country (available countries at this time are India/Nepal or Peru) and with WIN’s US office in Colorado (US part may be done by correspondence/remotely). Contact Us »