WIN offers opportunities for you to engage with our work in places like India, Nepal, South America and more. Meet the people, participate in the projects, and experience the incredible culture, landscape and cuisine! 


on a win vision trip, 


much of the following:

Heroic Native leaders

Adorable kids

Culture & Natural Wonders

Sustainable schools

Vocational Institutes

Water Projects



Business Funding Mission



THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO personally experience: 


Three types of trip:



Vision Trips are especially for business persons, pastors and others looking to engage strategically and leave a legacy. Particiants will enjoy comfortable accommodation and travel while experiencing WIN’s projects and seeing regions where strategic, targeted intervention has the potential to sustainably transform entire communities. Vision Trip participants may also have an interest in experiencing the culture of South Asia and seeing wonders such as Mt. Everest (from an airplane) and the Taj Mahal, but their trip has a very specific purpose: To visit WIN projects and to consider opportunities to financially invest in sustainable ventures which will revolutionize lives. WIN Vision Trip participants have an opportunity to initiate a lasting and deep relational bond with the people they meet in the field. They also receive regular updates on the projects they sponsor. Vision Trip participants are welcomed to return after completion of their project to celebrate and inaugurate it!


Heart and Hands Trips are for youth and those desiring to personally help with projects in the field. Participants should be prepared to work with kids and/or do manual labor along with WIN's local indigenous teams. 

Project examples: 

This trip can be tailored based on the skills of your group, so if your group has special skills, let us know and we’ll see where we can plug you in! 

Participants will likely live at the same level as the local native people (likely not in hotels). If in Nepal, you will likely get to hike and sleep in rural locations. Participants should be prepared to “rough it” a little. 

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Internships are for those seeking college credit in the area of social work, micro-finance, community development or social justice. 

Participants will be assigned various focus-related tasks and jobs both in the developing country (available countries at this time are India, Nepal or Peru) and with WIN’s US office in Colorado (US part may be done by remotely). 

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What our trip participants are saying


I visited WIN's work in India three times in the span of three years. I was beyond impressed with the Christ-like humility and incarnational model taking place among the most underprivileged in the world. Pastor John Kuo, Wu-Chang Conservative Baptist Church, Taiwan


I had come expecting to give, but I have received; to bless but I have been blessed; to teach but I have learned. The work here can be summed up in one word – ‘faithfulness:’ ~Steve Smith, Winchester, UK


Our team cannot begin to describe to you what it is like to be in the presence of greats in the faith who do not even think they are that great. We met people who had given up everything. ~Rebecca Schorn, Missions Coordinator, Immanuel Church, DE


No agency I'm aware of has a greater heart, a better organization or a more comprehensive plan to reach the tough areas of the world. ~Dr. Tom Hatley, former Chairman of the IMB; Sr. Pastor, IBC Go Center, AR; Board member of WIN's sister organization WIN Life.


What is the trip duration and cost?

Vision Trips:  11 days is sufficient for you to experience both Nepal and India. This also allows pastors to miss only one Sunday at their church. 

Heart & Hands Trips and Internships: Duration depends on how long you are avaialble to serve in the project. One month is the recommended minimum duration though  in some projects, you can accomplish alot in two weeks. 

Internships may be equivalent to the above, or they may cost less depending on your skill level and how and where you serve. 


 See TRIP COSTS page for further detail and to sign up



Will someone assist in arranging the trip?

Yes, depending on the package you sign up for. Please see the TRIP COSTS & SIGNUP page for budgeting, trip plans and signup form. 

How many people can come on a trip?

Heart and Hands trips may be minimum of six people and maximum of around 20. 

Vision Trips can be as big as 50 or as small as one or two, such as a senior pastor and his missions leader, or a business leader. 

Internships may be individuals or duos. 

NOTE that some of the locations we may take you large groups of visitors can result in our native leaders being persecuted later. So for such excursions we may divide you up into smaller groups who will go to different locations.