Covid Relief

for St. John's School, India

St. John's is a top quality, self-sustaining Christian school in northern India serving average  600 students K-12th. Many of the students are from low income families so St John's keeps fees as low as possible.  

The Covid shutdowns and recent resurgence of Covid infections have forced St. John's to remain closed for many months. India offered no bailouts for small businesses so St. John's needs a boost to get through this tough season until classes can resume.


Donations in Education are allocated to support children literacy centers, support of St. Johns School, Blue Haven Children's Home, development of self sustaining schools, and other educational programs.

Covid has affected schools around the globe, and St. John’s is no exception. This rural school in Northern India was started by Alok Srivastava, a local and WIN's Lucknow Region Director since 2004. Alok wanted to bring quality education within the grasp of those in the agricultural community where he grew up. 

Alok’s nephew Shivam now manages the school, which is self-supporting, funded by fees paid by the students. 

Prior to the pandemic, St. John's was a flourishing school of approximately 600 children.

Coronavirus fears and lockdowns have kept doors closed and classes online. Parents have been reluctant this past year to pay fees for classes that aren’t in person. 

The school is fighting to stay afloat and continue bringing hope for a brighter future to this village community as well as income to the families currently employed. Please consider donating to help cover costs of the following. Any amount you can give will help and is appreciated! 


Help this life-changing, self-supporting school make it through the Covid shutdown! Just a little boost is all it will take.