Pumping Hope

February 23, 2022

The village of 300 huts had two distinct sections. The only water source – a hand pump – was situated in the area populated by people of “high caste” lineage. They considered their neighbors of “low caste” descent to be dirty and fit only to be slaves. Whenever the women from the low caste area came to draw water they were abused and chased away from the well. This problem was compounded for those who became followers of Christ. The high caste people considered the Christians not only inferior but also traitors, having left the traditional gods and goddesses.

When the believers came together for Sunday worship, there was another layer of difficulty, for a large number of people together has an even greater need for access to water.

Serving a region spanning 107,000 villages, WIN employs two hand pump project leaders who receive well applications, visit proposed sites, determine whether a well is needed and if so then WIN seeks funding for the boring of a well and installation of a hand pump. The well is bored on Christian land so that no one can drive them away from it. This enables the church to grow with easy access to water and also provides water for the entire low caste section of the village.  

We have a waiting list of well applications. You can fully sponsor a well and hand pump for $2,200. 

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