Water for Life

January 8, 2020

Many villages in the remote Himalayan mountains have very little access to water. A resident testified, “In our village we had no access to water for six months of the year. Because of this we couldn’t grow crops during the dry season, so my husband had to live far away in the big city to work. My children had to walk up the mountain an hour every morning to fetch water from the spring. This resulted in them being unable to attend school because their school is two hours walk away. The same was true for many families in my village.

Our lives have been revolutionized since WIN constructed a water system for us. Now we can irrigate our crops year-round and make a living from our land. My children are able to go to school and my husband is now home with the family. We are happier than we have ever been in our lives! Our future is bright now because of the water system.”

The well with the team.

Leanna and WIN national coordinator Amar, with happy villagers in front of the 20,000 liter water tank we built, still under construction in this photo. The tank collects the water from the spring further up the mountain, and distributes it through pipes to each household. 

We appreciate H4K for providing funding for this project. You can be the next to enable WIN to bring water to a needy village! Sponsor water now.

WIN has provided many wells in regions having a lower elevation, and thus where well drilling is possible. But the challenge of providing water in the Himalaya mountains where well drilling is not an option, is a new venture. With the outstanding success of this pilot project we look forward to providing water systems for more villages in the future.

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