Emergency Innovation in a Remote Himalayan Kingdom

July 27, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times, and people all over the world are experiencing hunger, joblessness, hopelessness and fear. With so much uncertainty, chaos and darkness surrounding us, it can be hard to find glimmers of light, hope and thankfulness. But the Lord is at work in the midst of this darkness, shining brightly through His people. In Bhutan, one such bright spot is illuminating what the Lord can do through hard work and partnership.

One of WIN’s primary functions is to help bring sustainable solutions to communities that face bleak economic lack. By partnering with local leaders, WIN is able to help provide opportunities for economic growth, development, and ultimately, sustainability. During the world-wide shutdowns, our incredible partners answered the call to help provide funds needed to feed and serve those most impacted, including one of our partner communities in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan depends heavily on imports for their daily food items, and many people faced food shortages due to the Covid-19 shutdown. With support from our partners, WIN issued a small grant and in only 1 ½ months, 15 families are now sustainably employed in three micro-businesses, including a sewing center, a bakery and an organic vegetable farm, each of which is also providing essential food and clothing items to the community.

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The sewing center has been creating items like facemasks and aprons, both of which have been in short supply; the bakery is thriving and is in high demand with plans to expand their menu and team in the near future, and the organic vegetable farm is employing and feeding those who come from impoverished areas providing much needed fresh vegetables.

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Through partnership with WIN and the hard work and ingenuity of the local leaders, these businesses will continue to expand, providing more opportunities for more families, resulting in a community that is empowered and thriving - a win-win.

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