Wedding Water Project: Thank You!

May 1, 2021


Thank you for giving!

Our fearless Nepal coordinator Amar has married Amy, his beautiful bride from America! Instead of wedding gifts, Amar & Amy requested donations to fund a new water system which will be built in a remote village in the Mugu District.  We are so excited to announce that including your gifts and also contributions from Amy's organization and WIN partner H4K, the project has been funded in full. Amar has now sent the engineer out to begin planning the system. Amar & Amy are so blessed by your donations and want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts! 

Amar has just arranged the engineer and all the details necessary to initiate construction of the Mugu water project. The engineer flew to Mugu to survey and prepare the details of the system!  Accordingly, we just sent initial funds over to Nepal and we are excited to announce that construction will get underway later in the year!

The new water system will tap into a pure mountain spring and pipe clean, ample water right to the doorsteps of the villagers. Jesus is the Water of Life and we cannot wait to spend time with the villagers, and show them His love in this amazing and practical way.




Amar, WIN’s native coordinator of Nepal, is getting married on April 10th… to Amy, an American!
Several years ago Amar and WIN’s president, Leanna, went into the remote mountains to visit children that Amar and WIN had rescued out of trafficking. During the trip, Amar said to me, “When I get married, I don’t want a big party. I don’t want any wedding gifts. Instead, I want all the money to go toward helping a remote village where the people are suffering.”

Amar identified a village in the remote mountains of Mugu District which is entirely without water. The people have to walk 40 minutes down the steep mountain to the river and then carry heavy loads up to their village. Children are stunted due to lack of food since there little ability to irrigate the fields. The water from the river is not hygienic and so many of the people, especially the children, suffer from diseases.
WIN and our partner H4K are working to raise funds for Amar and Amy’s wedding, to build a water system in this village. The system will tap into a pure mountain spring and pipe clean, ample water right to the doorsteps of the villagers. The village will also know that Jesus is the Water of Life, and will come to know His love…

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