The True Birthday Gift

January 10, 2020

"It is in serving that we are served." ~Mother Teresa
Every year, thanks to a generous financial partner, each of the fast-growing children at our Blue Haven Children's Home receive pocket money for their birthday. We teach them the importance of giving. So before spending any on themselves, they take a portion of their birthday money and give it to a less-privileged person. Each child carries out the task with gratitude, excitement and a smiling face.

Pradeep bought a dress from Amminabad with his birthday money and gave it to this homeless little girl.

One child said to a visiting team "Giving is the best part of my whole birthday. I love to make people smile!" The Blue Haven Children can see the full circle of life, which includes giving. In this precious process, WIN.Global gets to experience a sense of gratitude - grand-babies! So proud of WIN.Global's Children in their servant hearts and justice fighting efforts!

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