Murder & Rescue

February 1, 2022

Our anti-trafficking drama team aims to resume work this year as Covid restrictions lift. Meanwhile, WIN’s courageous Anti Trafficking coordinator in another of our regions is continually engaging in the following extremely dangerous and difficult activities:

  • Mobilizing and assisting government officials in multiple Districts to prevent child marriage. 
  • Counseling victims of child molestation and their relatives.
  • Facilitating in the arrest and conviction of traffickers.
  • Placing victims of child trafficking into safe home environments.
  • Working to rescue victims who have become convinced that they are now “married” to their traffickers. 
  • Facilitating the arrest and imprisonment of murderers of women and abusers of children.

The children pictured were at high risk of abuse and trafficking. Due to the counseling and legal action of our coordinator, they are now safe.

Space doesn’t permit us to provide the detailed stories here, but for those of you who sponsor our anti-trafficking, THANK YOU! You’re enabling many girls to be saved from abuse and molestation.

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