Burdened for Kolkatta Trafficking Victims

January 11, 2020

Amar, WIN’s native leader for Nepal and anti-trafficking rescue coordinator caught wind of two young girls that were trafficked and sold into prostitution in the red light district of Kolkata. After investigation, Amar realized that coercion and manipulation were the main tools used to enslave the girls.

The case was promising in that their freedom could be bought, so Amar packed his bags and left immediately. Upon arrival, Amar was able to talk with the girls and see that indeed they were forced into the profession and wanted freedom, healing, and a new way of life. The safe atmosphere allowed the women to open up and share about what their hearts' true desires were.

Thanks to funding provided by one of our financial partners, Amar was able to make a deal with the brothel owner and got the girls out. After hours of talking with them and hearing the truth about their lives, Amar felt great compassion for the girls and for those still in bondage. He felt the heavy burden of the pain of the victims.

Now both girls are enrolled in vocational skills training and are in a safe place, pursuing a normal and happy future.

It’s important that as outsiders we do not judge the oppressed, but rather get to know them and try to understand their lives. Compassion is the bridge to justice. It’s also crucial that we support those leading the front lines of trafficking reduction and prevention. May we unite in love and lighten each other's load as we find victory over trafficking.

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