Hope for Ukrainians

April 14, 2022

WIN is doing what we can to help the Ukrainian people. We are working through Samaritan Ministries which has been serving Ukraine since 1993. Here are just a couple of the stories that are coming in:

The Klymenok family fled from the city of Bucha, near Kyiv. All they took with them was a small bag of clothes and documents. A day later a rocket hit their house. “Fortunately, we left the day before the explosion,” says Petro, the father. Now through our partner agency WIN is helping to provide accommodation for them in Pulyny, a town that so far has not been targeted by Russia. “Today our daughters are smiling again. This is the main thing for us,” said Alla, the mother. “We are incredibly grateful for the warm welcome.”

The Tymoshchuk family with their three small children spent several days in an underground bunker near Makarov while the city was heavily shelled. “Our 6-year-old son has diabetes. When the insulin ran out, we decided to run away from the city,” shared Kostya, the father. Though bullets pelted their car, the family inside was not hurt. Driving on flat tires, they were able to make contact with Samaritan Ministries which found insulin for the boy and fixed their car. 


Every day more and more families fleeing the cities need help. Their stories are heartbreaking. WIN is helping fund the provision of life-saving food and medicines along with a safe place for refugees. 

If you would like to help the people of Ukraine, please write UKRAINE in the Comments section of your gift. Thank you!

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