From Semi-Orphan to Youth Leader

August 28, 2022 by Leanna

Janki is one of our Blue Haven Children's Home girls. She writes, "Every summer vacation, Blue Haven puts on a summer camp for kids in our neighborhood. This year WIN chose me to be the coordinator. The theme was "The Lord is My Shepherd." We want to thank God for this opportunity. I couldn't have done it alone, but because we worked together as a team, it was a wonderful success. We had many activities - games, crafts, coloring, drawing - and all these activities showed Jesus as the Good Shepherd. 

We had a theme song with the chorus, "Oh my Shepherd, I will follow you." We really had a lot of fun. We had a talent show and group performances. It was challenging for me, and the biggest lesson I learned was to be patient and calm. This helps us to deal with the challenges. I'm also thankful for Pinsu Brother, who was there from start to end, guiding, helping, and standing beside me. And above all, I want to thank God; it was His blessing that made the summer camp a success. We know that God's grace is perfect in weakness, and now I've experienced it myself. Thank you, WIN team, for believing in us and giving us a chance to put on the summer camp!"




We are putting all our Blue Haven kids through college to equip them for the best possible future. Some of them, like Janki, are now becoming teachers in our schools and apprentices in our India office. We're so proud of our kids as they are growing into strong leaders who love Jesus and have a heart to serve others. 

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