June 8, 2022

In India, the WIN Village project is transforming entire communities, but it all starts with individual people, like Santara:

MY NAME IS SANTARA. I live in Gaurakala village. I remember there was a time in my life when I was very upset because my husband used to drink every day and beat me for money. My son's egg shop was not earning a good income. My daughter, who was employed in another state and sent us money, suddenly lost her job due to Covid. It became very difficult to run the house. I was desperate to get rid of my problems.

Then two brothers came to the church and explained the holistic concept of seeing body, mind, and spirit through God's eyes and in God's ways. They taught us so many things we never knew. I worked hard for the betterment of my own house and the community. During this time, I learned embroidery work and started my own business sewing clothes. When I was selected as a member of the Committee, people liked my work so much that they decided to make me the chairman of the Committee.

I wholeheartedly thank WIN and our pastor Om Prakash for empowering us through the holistic ministry.

My husband stopped drinking alcohol, and I teach other women and girls how to sew. I wish to empower women through skill development and training. Since I suffered very much in life, I can reach out to other women like me and bring them out from their calamities. I sincerely wish that the work of serving other communities throughout my life should spread peace and prosperity into every household.

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