Ekklesia in action

September 8, 2020

In many people’s eyes Arun was a lost cause. He spent his days stumbling around the village always highly intoxicated with liquor or strung out on drugs. In the evenings he would return to his home where he would beat and abuse his wife and children. Each morning, when he would wake up sober, he would instantly become overwhelmed with grief and self-loathing due to his actions the day before. He desperately wanted to change this toxic cycle and overcome his addictions but the guilt and shame brought him right back to the same ugly patterns day after day.

 One day Arun found himself outside a local house church gathering; he had heard about and  was always taught to despise them. So outside of the church Arun became belligerent. He began shouting at the believers, hurling insults at them as they came to worship their God. As the disturbance grew louder, the believers inside met Arun’s shouting with their own voices. In unison the church began to pray for Arun! As soon as they did this Arun fell silent. He made his way into the church and was instantly overcome by the power and love of God. Arun began to tell the church gathering about his addiction and his desire to be healed. His desperation was met with love. The Pastor began to share the good news of Jesus with him and how much God loved Arun despite his sin. Arun left the church that day transformed.  

He became a regular attendant at the church and one week later he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Having received healing from his addiction he is now a devoted husband and father and shared the love of God that he experienced with his entire family! He now tells his story of transformation and healing openly and is a living example of how we can never outrun the love of the Father.

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