Bicycle Chain Trafficker

August 29, 2022 by Leanna

Rashmi and Beena (names changed for privacy), girls aged 16 and 17, were studying in school and also worked odd jobs to earn money for their families. Beena's dream was to join law enforcement and Rashmi wanted to become a teacher. The two girls rode their bikes to school every day, parking and chaining them just outside the building and then walking into classes. 

One day, one of the girls’ bicycle chains came off and out of nowhere, a man came up and offered to help fix it. Then he started to ask where they lived and what they wanted to do when they grew up. After hearing Beena and Rashmi’s answers, the man told them they would have a better chance at getting successful jobs in those careers if they went to Lucknow. 

“He’s right,” the girls thought, “We will go talk to our parents about letting us study in Lucknow to get a job.” They thanked the man for his help with the bike and for his advice, telling him that they will talk to their parents about going to Lucknow. “I could take you to your parent's house now,” the man said, “and after that we will go to Lucknow and get you a job.” The girls were very innocent, and didn’t think this man would harm them since he was being so helpful. So they agreed to go with the man. The kidnapper didn’t take them home, but took them straight to Lucknow. His plan was to sell them into sex slavery.  

The girls’ parents filed a police report, and WIN’s legal team was notified and immediately went to work to investigate their whereabouts in collaboration with the Lucknow police force which scoured the city and searched video clips from concealed cameras. After two months, the girls were located and rescued. They had been abused sexually and physically by the trafficker and had been used for sex during those two months in Lucknow. They are now back with their families. WIN’s anti-trafficking coordinator keeps in touch with them and is providing counsel, and they are now finding healing and returning to a normal life. The trafficker escaped and police are still trying to capture him. This case brings to light the horrors of trafficking and how easy it can be for kidnappers to abduct young girls.

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