Rashmi's Christmas Wish

November 25, 2020

“Life is hard here as we live in one of the most remote places in Nepal.” Says Rashmi a woman living in a village facing life threatening issues. “We have many problems: lack of good education, lack of good roads, and lack of good health care. Even the person who won the election from our vote does nothing to help us but instead gives us empty promises. We are living in the 21stcentury but our life here is still the same. We are still facing the same problems that our parents faced and there have been no improvements within our communities. I hope that our children and grandchildren do not have to fight to survive and grow up lacking basic needs as we have. I hope for a brighter future for their sake.” 

Our WIN Nepal team had encountered Rashmi on one of their exploration trips to her village. Upon arrival our team quickly learned that this community was majorly lacking in fundamental necessities such as decent health care. The medical center was completely lacking in supplies and the conditions were unsanitary. When our team heard the desperation in Rashmi’s story, we knew we had to intervene. 

Our team came back ready to outfit and bless the medical center with new equipment and medication! Our key leader Amar drove a truck 15 hours up the treacherous mountain roads to deliver maternity and patient beds, steel tables and cabinets, a refrigerator for medication, a suction machine and more!

Rashmi would have her wish: the chance for a brighter and safer future for the next generation through medical care.

“We are very thankful to the WIN team for listening to us and responding with a solution.” Rashmi expressed through a tear filled smile.  “We don’t have words to describe how grateful we are. We have received all of the necessary materials to meet the needs of the town. We no longer have to worry for our children or in the case of pregnancies and emergency situations! As a community we will maintain the medical center and use the equipment to help meet the needs of nearby villages. Thank you WIN for blessing our community and for fulfilling your promise to us.”

We appreciate H4K for funding this project. To join the adventure of transforming whole communities, sponsor now! 

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