June 1, 2022

Living in this broken world, everything is gotten for a price. It seems like, for some, a piece of paper – money - is more precious than someone's life. Nowadays, even the things of nature that God has given us as a free gift from Him, we have to pay money to get or see or use - like water and land. If we don't pay, we don't get it. Some people even receive love in exchange for money.

How can we be loved? How can we find satisfaction? Can anyone love us without charging us a price?

Yes! Jesus is the only one who can love us, and in return, He only asks us to trust Him.

I have seen so many people using this word "love." They say things like, "If he were to leave me, then I could not live because I love him so much." But, when any kind of situation comes up, that person may leave you all alone and get someone else because they are only searching for outward beauty instead of a beautiful heart. So we cannot put our trust in human love. We can't find it in this world, nor can we expect it from people because people are themselves broken.

Still, every person needs love, and we can feel and find that true and never-failing love from Jesus. Our Father, who made us in His own image and with so much love, filled us with his own breath. He doesn't notice how we look, nor does He care about how much money we have; He just loves us as we are. His love is unconditional. That's the reason why He gave us His only Son to die on the cross for our sin, so we may walk in the light instead of darkness, and so we may get freedom from slavery to Satan. We can lose our bitterness and rest in His love. He is always the same - loving, caring, gentle. He will never change even though people change.

I know each of us has someone we love very much, but remember, always put God first because He is the only one who loves you always and never leaves you alone. We are alive today just because of His grace and love. Jesus sacrificed Himself so we may live. When we don't receive His love, His heart is broken, but He never breaks our hearts because His love is true and unconditional. So, my dear friends, taste the love of Jesus and feel His peace enveloping you!

Dolma is from WIN's Blue Haven Children's Home and is in her final year of college.

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