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Hand pump


Every hand pump installation will begin with a survey where one of our indigenous field workers will visit the village to assess the need and the local environment, water may be several hundred feet from the surface and accessed by boring through earth or rock.

To ensure the wisest use of available funding, it is necessary to rank installations to ensure that the most needy situations are addressed.  

Once a hand pump installation has been approved plans will be made to organise and finance the work.

Below is the early stage of a well being bored using simple equipment, depending upon the environment, there will be a mixture of equipment and methods from hand operated drills to heavy equipment for boring through rock.

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Collecting water before installation of hand pump.
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Here is an example of manual boring which is hard work but is sometimes the only or best method of carrying out the necessary work.
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Many hands make light work!
Heavier machinery being readied while villagers watch on.


Pipework and new hand pump awaiting installation (the blue pipework will be used to line the borehole).


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Lining the borehole.
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Beginning to install the hand pump.
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A hand pump installation nears completion.
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The final stages as the base is concreted in.
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The whole village turns out for the dedication and official opening of the new hand pump which will transform the lives of many people.
Children enjoying the new hand pump after its dedication.