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Emergency! Save Lives in India


The scourge which swept through the whole world in 2020, but which has tapered off now in nations such as the US, Canada and UK, is right now skyrocketing in India. 


Each day, we hear of more of our believers who have passed away due to Covid. Many are dying in the streets and on the doorsteps of overwhelmed hospitals.* The elderly who have died were often the ones who cared for the children while the parents went to work. This leaves a desperate vacuum.

WIN (We Ignite Nations) has 22 years of experience and a widespread network throughout the most needy areas of India. Our leaders here are ready to serve and to bring aid to suffering families! WIN is providing life-saving oxygen concentrators and urgently needed food and medical relief.


Will you extend urgently needed help to our suffering brothers and sisters in India? 

COVID-19 Disaster Relief

Provide emergency food rations for children, pastors and their families, and others who are suffering starvation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Also, India does not offer bail-out funds for small businesses. Hence, WIN’s three self-sustaining schools which have been under mandatory shut-down due to Covid, are also in urgent need of a boost to keep our bills paid until we can reopen for classes.  These schools serve the poor and provide a top quality Christ-centered education. We’ve invested many years in establishing these educational institutions which are transforming lives and families. Any amount you can contribute will help!

ACT NOW to be a part of this rescue operation. THANK YOU!

* Source: Reuters -