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Nepal Flood Relief

"Worse than the 2015 earthquake"

“I'm tryinG to call SOME OF our CORE TEAM MEMBERS but the phone lines are out of service. others I'VE SPOKEN WITH have lost family members and all their belongings. please help my people!” 


Amar, WIN's Nepal coordinator just shared this distressing message with us by phone, begging us to help the suffering families in Nepal. 

“Relief helicopters can't even land because it is raining so hard,” Amar continued. 

Unseasonal floods have struck the mountainous nation and some are saying the devastation is worse even than the earthquake of 2015.

Even before the onset of the seasonal monsoon, floods and landslides have devastated many districts of Nepal. In some areas most of the roads have been blocked by landslides and bridges have been washed away.

Hundreds of poor people's houses have been destroyed and flooded. Relief efforts are disorganized. Homeowners weep as they stare at a slurry of mud where their homes once stood. Others have to make the difficult decision between risking their lives to search for a buried family member, or staying away from the mudslide area to save themselves and their children. There is no place to stay, no shelter, no warm blanket, no food. 

The main need at this time is tents, blankets, clothes and food. No amount is too small. 

Jesus said we are not called to be served, but to serve. This is our time to serve.

WIN (We Ignite Nations) has 22 years of experience and a widespread network throughout the most needy areas of Nepal. Our leaders on the ground are ready to serve and to bring aid to suffering families. 

Will you extend urgently needed help to our suffering brothers and sisters in Nepal? 


Nepal Flood Relief

Provide emergency relief for children, pastors and their families, and others who are suffering due to the monsoon and flooding in Nepal.